Looking for greater ad sales for your publication?

We'll get you the sales levels that you're looking for, print or online.

You can choose from 3 approaches:

1. Turnkey sales. We'll sell the space for you. Our staff will function as your staff. Only you won't have the supervision hassle, and you'll get the benefit of our experience. Or,

2. Coaching your staff. We'll train, motivate, and coach your ad sales staff to achieve remarkably higher sales levels. We can turn poor performers into star performers. Or,

3. Start-up or re-engineering. We'll work with you to start a new ad sales department, or to re-engineer an existing one. We'll do the organizational design, hiring, training, and development of sales materials. You'll get a top-flight ad sales department, second to none.

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(Advertising Sales Associates is a member of the National Association of Publishers Representatives.)